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Track Handicapper Dave Brower Bio


Dave Brower grew up five minutes from the Meadowlands in nearby Passaic, NJ. He served as the Meadowlands morning line oddsmaker, handicapper, and broadcaster for 16 years from 1987 to 2011. He has also co-hosted CBS Sports Network’s coverage of The Hambletonian, Meadowlands Pace, and Little Brown Jug with Hall of Famer Gary Seibel. Brower also published "Harnessing Winners, The Complete Guide To Handicapping Harness Races" with Daily Racing Form Press in 2009.


RACE REVIEWS by Dave Brower

Meadowlands Racing & Entertainment makes every  effort to post Race Reviews 48 hours before scheduled post time.  

Race Reviews For Friday, June 25, 2021

1 First Race Entries
Picks: 3-5-4-2
H Horse Comment
1 COLONIAL AS IT Marching his way right up the class ladder down at Philly, so barn opts to try him here on the big track. Not a bad idea! But, this is no easy task against some stakes-level type colts. I will take a good long look.
2 ZENITH STRIDE It’s been a little bit of a mixed bag for him so far this year. I did like the way he dug in on that very sloppy night. Few weeks off after that. Came back with less-than-stellar effort vs. #3 last. Couldn’t hit high gear.
3 SONOFAMISTERY Sears rolled this guy pretty good last time and horse responded strongly! Maybe that’s the kind of wakeup call he needed? This is similar spot, although technically a drop. I imagine we’ll see similar tactics to front.
4 BEE FOREVER Like #2, he can be a little hard to gauge at times. Still not smooth-gaited, and the judges have been giving him some “x’s” on the program. Not sure about the pace scenario to set him up tonight. Vic will be patient.
5 MOON BRIDGE This is very interesting spot for the 4YO. He’s in against all 3YO’s, and coming out of some very ambitious spots in the Graduate. He just wasn’t good enough to stay with them. He is good enough to stay w/these.
6 LOCATELLI It’s Nancy T’s birthday week and she sure didn’t get any love from the post gods in here! Hated to see this horse roll into that miscue last time, because he’s not a breaker. Let’s see if she makes any changes on him now.
7 TAKE THIS SOCIETY This looks like a step back UP the class ladder tonight. Made up a bit of ground from tough spot in that last one, but this will be more difficult. Outside post. Needs to find that speed again to threaten.
2 Second Race Entries
Picks: 2-5-4-6
H Horse Comment
1 ETHICS Still a “work in progress” for Team Orange Crush. Did stay trotting two weeks ago, and was finishing better. Went faster too! The inner post will keep him close enough. I want to see another good one first.
2 AUNT IRENE One of the fillies in here, trying to beat the boys. She’s certainly got the talent, but it’s taking a while to get back into top shape. This drop, and good post should have her ready to roll with more. Expect it!
3 MAGIC CAPE He’s now had a couple starts to get used to the place. They weren’t bad, but they weren’t great either. Yes, he’s had to trot a lot faster, and he’s made no mistakes. I like that. Just has to find more stamina late stages.
4 KILDARE KING Had a disastrous trip out to the Meadows where he broke. Oh well! Back to Club Med, and into a somewhat softer spot. Obviously, no mistakes allowed and another new driver will take the call. Mixed feelings.
5 NARZARIO I can still remember that amazing charge he uncorked to shock one of the Sires Stakes fields. Hasn’t been the same since, but definitely has some excuses. Price should be okay, IF he can get a smoother trip. A maybe.
6 DUTIFUL Gave it a good go in that consolation last month. Few weeks off after that and solid multi-move comebacker down at Philly. I guess we could add a few points if Bee Forever did well in the opener. Has speed.
7 TEQUILA N ROSES Squandered a golden opportunity in that much softer spot last week. Should have had more, in my opinion. Gets stuck in much tougher situation tonight, and must do it from an outside post. Asking a lot.
8 GOODGOLLYMISSMOLLY Graduated nicely over at Pocono, so it appears she’s come back much stronger this year at three. Barn’s got a pair in here and no love from the post gods. Will need all of that speed, and then some more.
9 ALTAR A really tough call here! It’s a bad post. She enters off yet another miscue. Gets a new driver tonight. And, probably not much betting value, from this barn. I need to see a good one again, before I could endorse.
3 Third Race Entries
Picks: 6-4-2-7
H Horse Comment
1 INUKCHUK CHUCK That last scratch certainly gives us a pause. I know he’s never been the smoothest-going horse out there, but he usually tries pretty hard. The pole position will keep him close. Will hope for some action up front.
2 ZLATAN Been bouncing up and down the class ladder lately. Probably too high for him. This spot is much more reasonable. I know you don’t see it on the program, but he has had speed before. This would be good spot for it.
3 FIJI Loomed boldly here two starts back, but couldn’t finish it off. Looks like he did the same thing over at Yonkers. It’s the stamina that seems to be missing ingredient lately. Dave has to get him to finish better. Somehow!
4 DEW CAN DEW The Dew has been okay on the big track so far. Also lacking a knockout punch, but that can always change. Joe Lee takes the call and he could have a big night. Also has to hope the pace falls apart late. One move.
5 THERESADEMONINME Trainer Kelley did very well in these club races with Franco Tristan, so why not send another? This trotter has been tackling much stronger lately, so this drop should help. Don’t be shocked by good effort.
6 JUSTLIKEHIM Second start off the long layoff here, but lately, this barn is making all the right moves. They probably had this in mind the whole time. It’s a big drop. He should be tighter with that race under belt. The one to beat?
7 GREY Hasn’t had a whole lot of luck lately. Gets stuck with another outer post here, but this race doesn’t have a lot of pure speed in it. Expect Joe P to send hard again, just to stay close to #8. Not totally out of it by any means.
8 SOUTHWIND FROST No, I was not on board with Frost last week, but he sure made it look easy! Part of a seven-winner night for DD. Let’s see how Bob H does with him. Made a few moves with him in prior start. Needs one now.
4 Fourth Race Entries
Picks: 4-3-2-5
H Horse Comment
1 BETTOR BB One of two in here for the barn and they’re both medium longshots. Overall, it looks like BB has tailed off a bit. They even tried him at the Ocean with no success. Back to Club Med. Has the pole and will sit closer.
2 SOSSY’S KING KONG Sossy moves back into the claimers tonight, after a gapped-out try in the Trackmaster race. Is this tougher, or easier? I’m leaning towards tougher. The inner post will also keep him close enough. Needs more late.
3 TRICK CARD I’m not really surprised that somebody reached in for this guy. He’d been performing well. He’s only four. This is definitely his level, so another good trip required to deliver the goods. Only needs a bit more.
4 ALWAYS A FORCE Has definitely rounded into form quite nicely for Symon S. That was very good finish he uncorked last week to click off a lifetime best at age eight. Simply put, if he’s that good again, he will win again. Solid now.
5 MISTER HAT The Hat is a bit hard to figure out. Maybe a better word is inconsistent? Also getting another new driver tonight in Braxten, so maybe he can wake the Hat up? Wish I had the answer to that question.
6 PREPPY ART Preppy is just not going well at the moment, so we’ll leave him out until we see a good one.
7 GYPSY LEATHER The Eiler barn has a pair in here, and I guess I have to prefer the other one. The road looked a little hot on the bit last week and paid the price late, tiring. Not sure what the plan will be? Another outside post.
8 FINAL JUSTICE Talk about the bad post blues! Gets stuck with another bad one tonight and it’s not helping his game. Did pass some of the tired ones behind a well-meant winner last week. Needs to get a little luckier.
5 Fifth Race Entries
Picks: 4-8-2-3
H Horse Comment
1 MAY I CRUISE WEST Provided Dexter with one of his seven wins last week. I still don’t know how he got Cruise to dig in and hold on, but he did. Back to the GSY, but also back to an inside post. Mark S will just sit, save ground.
2 RISKY MILLION Yes, that’s an 0-18 slate this year, so that’s not good. New barn just hasn’t quite figured this one out yet, so I will take a pass until I see a bit more. I do believe eventually, it will come. Just have to be patient.
3 WINDEMERE FRANK Set a pretty quick pace up at the Ridge when sent off at 1-5 and he just stopped. I’m not really sure how to interpret that. Finds his way to NJ and into a few barn. I guess anything can happen? Must prove it here.
4 TITUS SEELSTER Starting to get good again and this looks like a nice spot. Joe Lee did have to make a choice in here, opting over #10. I like that confidence. Gets better post. I expect to see similar strong speed like last time. Gets trip.
5 ALBERT A’ SCOOTIN Tried Philly a few times and cranked out decent check at bottom level two back. Then got forced up and that was too tough. This is about the right spot for him here. He’s won here before. Usable.
6 IDEAL TYSON A One of the many in here that have NOT won a race yet this year. This guy has been stuck with some tough posts. A couple of those efforts would be good enough to put in play. Still needs to work out a smooth trip.
7 STEUBEN GLADIATOR It would be tough for me to make a strong case for success. Stuck outside now. Pass.
8 MARVALOUS ONE He’s tailed off for a while, but I will say he flashed some speed before stopping last week. Sometimes that’s a sign that a horse is ready to ramp back up. However, he can’t afford to go 26. That won’t work.
9 SAMMY B HAPPY Hasn’t had much post luck up at home base. Tries the mile track. I want to watch one for now.
10 KABOOM POW Hasn’t raced in three weeks, so that’s an issue. Gets slammed with post 10 for first try here, so that doesn’t help. And, Joe Lee opted for #4, so that’s strike three!
6 Sixth Race Entries
Picks: 1-3-4-7
H Horse Comment
1 GOTTALOVEMYSHADOW Back to that nice spot where she crushed these off a perfect trip. And, she finally gets a decent post too! That’s a tough combo to buck. Will flash that speed and then try to control it. Can do!
2 MILADY DENVER A The 11YO war-mare lost a good stretch battle to a near rookie last week! But, it was solid effort for her. Tonight’s problem is the big step up in class. This is a much tougher bunch and I’m not sure she can hack it.
3 BEST HONEY HANOVER The barn’s “other” starter is doing okay work of late. Earning her keep, but without a win in a while. Went back to that good ‘ol speed last week and she got outfinished late. Will she gun into stablemate?
4 DARKRSHADEOFPALE N Found the hike up a tad too much last week. Made no moves and had no impact. Is she really just going to go around there again? Have to make a bigger move at some point, right? New driver tonight.
5 TEAM KIWI N Looking like the longshot in here again. Those slowish starts never help the cause. Would need a big-time wakeup call to get close again. I think we have to wait for a drop.
6 SO DELIGHTFUL MIA for a while and that always worries me from this camp. They race! And when they don’t race, it’s because something isn’t right. Even though this might be a slight dip in class for her, I’m going to prefer others.
7 WINGDING HANOVER Perhaps the wild card in here? Barn’s got two in, and they are both question marks. We’ve seen this lass leave the gate before. She’ll have to, just to get into the race. Your call, folks?
7 Seventh Race Entries
Picks: 8-4-3-5
H Horse Comment
1 KILLER MARTINI Invades from New York with just one win last year, and only one win so far this year. It’s a slight class drop, and this barn has given us some surprises before. I would want a fair price to toss him onto the ticket.
2 DESIRE’S CAPTAIN Another fresh face to Club Med. All the way in from Ohio. Recent form looks just fair, so maybe we should watch one here first? That’s the guessing game. Should get decent trip from this post. Tough call.
3 SPIRIT OF TRUTH Team Magie has this veteran going in the right direction now. Two straight speed tries, and two straight checks! Not bad. Pilot will see the big favorite right alongside, so big speed likely coming again. Trips out?
4 DE LOS CIELOS DEO I guess by all rights, he’s just supposed to crush these. But, since I haven’t picked him on top in several years, I guess I won’t start now. Don’t let that sway you, though. Absolutely no excuses accepted vs. these.
5 LOTTERY WINNER Not much going right for this guy lately, so he’s not living up to his name! He’s only had a couple of starts this year, so things are due to turn around for the better. Drew outside the big fave. Will try to grind into it.
6 BLAYDE HANOVER Luke took a shot and sent him last time. That was a tougher spot. So, maybe that will speed-tighten him up a little? He’s dropped his times in last few. I will use underneath in the gimmicks at a square price.
7 JUMPING JAKE Can’t really get too excited about Jake’s chances. Stuck outside. Drops, but needs lot more.
8 BRANQUINHO IF you want to try and beat #4, this is a legitimate option. Provided Ray has him ready off that long layoff. He’s used to facing better horses than this. But, must overcome the post. That qualifier was okay.
9 MCNULTY Z TAM Ended up on the steward’s list for some reason a few weeks ago. Came back with a decent rally from well off the pace. Not bad. He’s gunned with speed before. Plus, he exits claimers. Very mixed signals here.
10 TUXEDO BAY Had Tux drawn a better post, maybe you could make a case. This doesn’t look like the right spot.
8 Eigth Race Entries
Picks: 4-8-3-7
H Horse Comment
1 ALLGONOWHOA Fresh claim here! Barn does good work in that category overall, but they may have work cut out with this one. After the nice win in GSY, he ended up in a 1:50 mile last week. Couldn’t handle that. No relief here. Trainer: Bloodwork came back sick last week. Working on getting him healthy by Friday night. IF he’s 100%, I think this is good spot for him.
2 IDEAL SON Never really hit top gear in his first start for new barn. He might be one of those that needs the straight $10K claimer, not the tougher handicap for higher pricetag. I will go with that, until proven otherwise.
3 TOLLY-HO Tolly is going pretty good at the moment. That was slick steer, and strong effort from post 10 to blow them away last time. Barn has THREE in here, and they are all the power. They can probably control this one.
4 BETTOR NOTBITTER A Used up in the pace battle last time, but that may not be the case in here. The invincible-looking trio from Quevedo barn will not beat each other up. Just don’t be bitter when he bests stablemates.
5 HAPPY TRIO Tough to get a real read on him right now, because he’s just not good. Turnarounds are hard to predict, but that’s what he would need to beat the Trio of Quevedo horses. I just don’t see it.
6 GRANDPA DON Don comes back for a little more tonight. That was just a nightmare trip last time here, so just forget about that. He needs that smooth kind of trip and I don’t see him getting in. Questionable pace scenario in here.
7 KINGOFTHEJUNGLE He’s probably the wild card in here, because he’s not part of the trio, and he DOES have speed. Showed some good guts to photo the second spot in the GSY. He never stopped trying. Will try his best again.
8 TJ BLAST The speed of the speed? Yes! Actually gets a mini-break tonight, because there are only eight horses in here. But, two of them are stablemates. So, his journey to the lead should be a tad easier, right? The one to catch!
9 Ninth Race Entries
Picks: 1-6-3-4
H Horse Comment
1 MAJOR ASSET I guess he really was “supposed” to win that race last week. But, he did it in style too! We just didn’t get rich. Oh well. Takes a slight step up the Trackmaster ladder, but it’s not that much tougher. Short price again?
2 DOC HALLADAY Should benefit from that first trip over the track. Could have a little more in the tank, and I think this inner post will help him too! Just sits in, saves ground and tries to get lucky late. Demand fair price if you fancy.
3 BUGGER BRUISER The Bugger turned in another superb try when claimed again last week. He’s sharp now! But, so are a few others. So, he will have to go out there and earn it. Note he’s out of claimers to “protect” him a bit.
4 P L LEEROY Leeroy has cranked out three straight checks, so that’s a good thing! Plus, he dips a few points on the Trackmaster scale tonight. That’s probably a good thing too! I suspect price will be big, so maybe a use?
5 CASHNCAM He looks like the longshot in here again. I would have tough time building strong case for success.
6 DAVIDS COMING HOME That reclaim angle is always a strong one. And David went out and delivered another strong try. Yes, he was outmuscled for the money, but he’s tough to leave out right now. Luke fits him well too!
7 JUST WAVE GOODBYE Tetrick did everything he possibly could to nurse this one along last time. But, when the true test came, the horse gave it up. So, I wouldn’t use in top position, but maybe underneath in gimmicks only.
8 ROCKINWITHTHEBEST Rockin always has a tough time with these outside posts. I will pass for tonight.
9 ASTAIRE Note the extra condition here, which allows this gelding into the race. TM rating of 80.90, because he hasn’t won in last few. That wasn’t exactly an encouraging debut here. I will try to beat him again.
10 Tenth Race Entries
Picks: 2-5-6-1
H Horse Comment
1 ROSE RUN VICTORIA After a couple of miscues, the mare ended up requalifying down at the farm. Cruised up front and then dug in very gamely to stave off a stakes-winner. Not bad! So, whatever was wrong is hopefully fixed.
2 CAVIART AUDREY She probably “needed” that first start back. No worries. She’s won half of her starts and that was an excellent freshman season. Tackling a few older foes here, plus a very talented 3YO in #6. Will be ready now with YG.
3 RUBY ON RAILS The Ruby has simply worked her way a bit too high in class. I guess I’d be surprised if she went storming by the good ones in here. But, I’ve been wrong before.
4 WESTERN SHOWGIRL No, I don’t know what happened over at Yonkers. Maybe she A-fibbed? So, she had to requalify too! Chased #1 and kept up well. She does have experience edge over some of these. Is she ready for best?
5 IDEATION HANOVER That was a pretty tough beat if you had her against that big favorite last week. Gave it all she had and just missed. I always like multiple-move efforts. She will try to get between the 3YO’s in here. Very usable.
6 STAYCATION HANOVER How good is she? Or maybe I should ask if she’s cranked and ready to go tonight? That’s a more than one month layoff off a stakes win. Why? Obviously, I don’t have the answer to that one. We have to guess.
7 MAJOR BATTLE Very quietly doing good work lately too! And she made up some ground in a race won on the lead last week. But, she’s totally at mercy of pace and trip again. These outside posts stink!
11 Eleventh Race Entries
Picks: 3-6-7-1
H Horse Comment
1 KELLY’S CHAMP Passed some of the tired ones to finally pick up a check last week! Not bad. Let’s see if that improving trend continues, as she tries to race herself back into shape. Gets some post relief tonight.
2 BIONIC Lone 3YO is tackling many older, experienced foes. Was a little bit better in that second try here, but Brax did have a choice tonight, and opted for #3 instead. Tells us a little something.
3 MR MCDREAMY In a wide-open race like this, you have to come up with something. Dreamy’s last two starts were pretty good, and better than the rest of these. Brax still looking for that first win here. Maybe it’s this one?
4 MAKE IT BIG Just not in great form right now. Gets a better post, but would still need a total turnaround and those are very hard to predict.
5 COLONIAL ROAD With Freehold closed for a while, you have to race somewhere, right? First starter of the meet for trainer/driver. Have to put them on the longshot list, until he proves he can go fast enough. Not sure about that.
6 DEPENDLEBURY A As said earlier, he’s a little hard to gauge, but that wasn’t a bad try into that very well-meant winner last week. He was the well-meant winner back on 5/29. Could he step up and win this? Absolutely.
7 STIRLING ENSIGN Hated to see that miscue last time. He’s not a breaker, so it was out of character. Hoping he bounces back better to try and snap that very long losing skid. Overdue! Luke H gets the call now.
8 RIGGINS ART He’s definitely acclimated to the Big M by now. Launched a big move last week, but really hung when it counted late. Tyler takes over now and they start from the same bad post. Better time that move perfectly.
9 RUFO Not a whole lot in his recent form suggests success tonight. That, plus the post, make him a pass.
12 Twelfth Race Entries
Picks: 3-6-1-4
H Horse Comment
1 JM BETONSIX That was a pretty tough beat if you had him last time! Nailed at wire by #6, but a good effort for sure! Gets same post, with potential different pace scenario now. Maybe he can sit, stalk and try to pounce? Maybe.
2 BNB Definitely a “project horse” here. But, also definitely a longshot for tonight’s wagering purposes.
3 THINK OF GALAXIES Have to admit, that was pretty impressive last week. Yes, Dexter was hot, but this filly was good! And don’t be swayed by her diminishing margin. Transitions to different class here, but may be even better.
4 SO MIKI HANOVER Been duking it out over in PA lately with some success. Andy M back in here in time to drive the lass, and I just have a feeling he will want to stalk, not set pace. He’ll get that wish. She will finish well.
5 INDUSTRIAL HEMP After watching her qualify here last month, I was waiting for her to show up in entry box. Unfortunately, it came at Yonkers where she went off at 1-5. Oh well. Nice filly here. Just learning how to race.
6 OFF THE RECORD Tetrick had her in the perfect spot two weeks ago and they pocket-rocketed home to get up near the wire. Not bad! Moves back out to tough post now and figures to be short price. It’s up to Corey to get a trip.
13 Thirteenth Race Entries
Picks: 6-3-9-4
H Horse Comment
1 LOOKATMYART Slowly racing herself back into shape and she seems to be getting there. Gets some major post relief and plots for a decent journey along the pylons. Let’s see if she gets any closer tonight.
2 QUEEN KENDALL Yes, that’s an 0-23 slate this year. Not good. Been earning her keep with checks down at Philly. But, doing it there, and doing it here, are two different things. I would need to see a good one here first.
3 ROCK IS SWEET It’s been a long time since she won a race, but I see a new barn in place. Luke H has driven her before, so that’s good. That last try wasn’t bad. Can she do it here on the mile track? I guess we’ll find out.
4 SPECIAL ACHIEVER That really wasn’t a bad first try here. It was a fast mile too, and she kept up and finished well. Good start. Tyler takes over on the lines and they get a decent post. Let’s look for a little more here tonight.
5 SUNSHINE HALL Almost stole one here two back. Just got outkicked at the very end. Why she went back to YR, I don’t know. Back in at a lower level here. I guess she fits again. One possibility in wide-open race.
6 PURAMERI She is a legitimate stakes-winner showing up here in the bottom class. Gets into this race via her Trackmaster rating. The Captain gets the call and we’re going to see speed, folks. Clearly the one to beat tonight.
7 ALWAYSABEACHDAY Seems to be battling sickness every now and then. Drew an outer post, which doesn’t help when you have no speed. Will need a few things to go exactly right to beat these.
8 BE BEST I’m really on the fence with her, due to inconsistency. She does have some speed, IF Marcus wants it. There isn’t a ton of speed to the inside, so maybe they take a shot? That’s a big maybe.
9 J ROCKIN B Not having much love from the post gods lately. Eight-hole here. Eight-hole at Pocono. She has faced better along the way, so I wouldn’t talk you off. But, I wouldn’t say she’s a lock, either. Good luck if you fancy.
10 SUNDAY AFTERNOON Raced well two back. Was okay last time. Just hasn’t had a lot of luck here last few months. Overdue for something better to happen, but that rarely happens from post 10. Needs to fire out to have a shot.