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Meadowlands Releases "Inside The Driver's Mind" Series

Friday, June 4, 2021

The Meadowlands has produced a series of short videos titled "Inside the Driver's Mind", featuring six drivers who race regularly in the sport's top races individually addressing various aspects of racing. 


The series was born of the recently concluded Meadowlands Racing Task Force. The panel recognized that there are many subtleties in racing that, while taken for granted by those familiar with the sport, may be a mystery to new fans.  


The result is a fascinating glimpse into the thought process of the drivers as they go in behind the gate and adjust their strategy as the race unfolds. The commentary is insightful as well as informative and should interest anyone who enjoys harness racing.  


The drivers and the topic addressed by each are listed below; 


Scott Zeron - Preparation for racing 

Tim Tetrick - Posture in the sulky 

Yannick Gingras - The importance of being forwardly placed 

Andrew McCarthy - Strategy, covered or uncovered 

Dexter Dunn - Positioning strategy early in the race 

Andy Miller - Steering the horse 


The videos were produced by Andrew "Shades" Demsky. Several are currently available and are posted on various social media platforms including the track's YouTube channel. They will also be featured nightly on The Meadowlands simulcast show. 


The Meadowlands thanks those involved for their participation. 

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