Racing 101

Pick 3,4, 6

Pick 3:
In the Pick 3 you must select the winner of three consecutive races. Meadowlands Racetrack has multiple Pick 3’s each race day depending on the number of races carded. Keep an eye on the program to see which races start the Pick 3.

Pick 4:
In the Pick 4 you must select the winner of four consecutive races. The Pick 4 starts in race six and ends in race nine.  The Pick 4 features a low, 15 percent takeout and guaranteed nightly pools - $35,000 Wednesday - Friday and $75,000 on Saturdays.

Pick 5: 

In the Pick 5 you must select the winner of five consecutive races.  The base wager is $.50.  It begins in race 1 and ends in race 5 nightly.


Jackpot Super Hi5:
In the Super Hi5 you must select the first 5 finishers in one race in the exact order of finish.  This wager is offered 2x a night, races 5 and the final race.  The Super Hi5 base wager is $.20. In the event there are multiple winning tickets sold 75% of the net daily Jackpot Hi5 pool will be distributed to the holders of the tickets with the correct order, and 25% of the net daily Jackpot Hi5 pool will be carried over to the next scheduled event.  In the event of a single winning ticket, the entire Jackpot Hi5 net pool, plus any previous carryover pool will be paid out.  In the event there is no ticket sold that correctly selects the first five finishers in exact order, the entire Hi-5 net pool, plus any previous carryover, will be carried to the next scheduled Jackpot Hi-5 event.  

Guaranteed Pools/Carryovers:
A guaranteed pool means that the track makes a promise to the patron that the pool will be the stated size. A guaranteed $75,000 Pick 4 pool means that if the players bet less that then $750,000, the track will put up the difference.

A carryover occurs when there are no winning tickets or consolation payouts. If no winning ticket takes the pool, then the money in the betting pool is carried over to the next day.