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Track Handicapper Dave Brower Bio


Dave Brower grew up five minutes from the Meadowlands in nearby Passaic, NJ. He served as the Meadowlands morning line oddsmaker, handicapper, and broadcaster for 16 years from 1987 to 2011. He has also co-hosted CBS Sports Network’s coverage of The Hambletonian, Meadowlands Pace, and Little Brown Jug with Hall of Famer Gary Seibel and his new co-host at the Meadowlands, Justin Horowitz. Brower also published "Harnessing Winners, The Complete Guide To Handicapping Harness Races" with Daily Racing Form Press in 2009.


RACE REVIEWS by Dave Brower

Meadowlands Racing & Entertainment makes every  effort to post Race Reviews 48 hours before scheduled post time.  

Race Reviews For Friday, August 03, 2018

1 First Race Entries
Picks: 10-7-5-8
H Horse Comment
1 WAR CRY HALL He's had some good moments here in the past, and he sure has speed! But, he also sometimes lacks critical stamina to stick around late. Should be interesting from the pole. Driver usually sends hard. Doesn't always work.
2 CHEEKY LITTLE MINX Tough to get a real read on this one's current form. That one blowout win was accomplished at 3-5. Last tiring effort over at Yonkers doesn't leave me feeling confident. Probably prefer others.
3 GIANNI Coming off two straight breaks, I have to rate him a big longshot. Would need huge turnaround.
4 CAVIAR COURT Burned a few bucks in that last one at Tioga. The back half was pretty slow, so him showing a flat finish isn't very good. Inconsistent, so I suggest you get a fair price if you like. I won't be playing.
5 MULTITASKR HANOVER Another that's had a few good moments here this year. It's been a long season, however. Most recent try at Monti is a bit of a bounce back. Midpack post helps to stalk. Would need the right kind of trip.
6 FLEUR DE HILL Shows just way too many breaks for my taste. I will have to pass tonight, and see if she trots.
7 WINWOOD SCOUT Here's the other "speed player." Hasn't been blasting out of late, but tonight's the night! I can almost guarantee we'll see the speed again. Coming off a deceptively good effort too! Can easily be part of this.
8 METEORIC Yes, it takes him a while to get into gear, but when he does, he's got trot. I just don't see a whole lot of betting value tonight, and I see an outside post again. Would need exactly the right kind of setup. Can't count on it.
9 HES A CASTOFF Had he drawn a better post, I'd probably give more of a look. I can see that he's rounding back into decent form, but this post is just a killer in here. Not sure how Joe Lee will overcome it, but he's pretty good!
10 FIJI Easily the key to the whole race, folks! It's post 10. He's got speed. But, so do a few of the others! When last seen in spot like this back in June, he just crushed. Post 10 will present a challenge, and the price won't be very big.
2 Second Race Entries
Picks: 3-5-2-8
H Horse Comment
1 CELEBRITY LIBERTY Went a little slower in her second appearance, but actually raced a little better. On the slow and steady path, but probably not ready to win, or get close yet. I will pass.
1A CELEBRITY SERENA Set an incredibly slow pace in second qualifier and still got passed late. I'll pass off that.
2 LADY ALLAIRE Gets a new pilot in the sulky seat tonight, so that's worth noticing. She's also shown subtle improvement along the way. We might get a surprisingly good effort here tonight. What will the price be?
3 PRINCESS DEO Has been "carefully" handled so far, with solid finishes in both appearances. I do believe it's time to take a shot and swing with this lass tonight. The inside post helps. Might have to try and get the jump on #5.
4 GOLDEN TRICKS Finally at the point where she's staying trotting. And, finishing willingly! That's a good step in the right direction. I like the inner post. I wouldn't leave her off the ticket completely. Usable underneath.
5 FRENCH CAFE It was almost a shame to see her make a break in the Doherty elim. This is a talented filly that just didn't handle the extreme conditions that night. Back to much softer spot. IF she trots, she can win. Tests #3.
6 PENINSULAGRL Probably still not ready for a race like this. They will likely go a little too fast for her.
7 GIVEN Nice to see Jimmy's brother, Johnny with us this weekend! This filly has shown speed too! Don't expect her to be taking back, as long as she's trotting. Complicates matters for the favorites. She fits with this group too!
8 LINDY PEARL Turned in pretty good qualifier from a bad post last time. This is no easy spot either! Lots of other speeds in here and she starts from the worst post of them. I think I'd like to see her come from off the pace.
9 MISS YOU KELLY Aimed a tad high in the Doherty elim. Wasn't ready for that. Gets slammed with a terrible post here, so I'm going to watch one more. Needs that experience.
3 Third Race Entries
Picks: 3-9-6-4
H Horse Comment
1 GALLANT MAN A little late to the party this year, and on Lasix for the qualifiers. They were just fair, so I'm going to take the wait-and-see approach. Not ready to hop on board this boat just yet.
2 REGAL HILL Definitely got much more involved last time, but tired late. From this better post. Dewayne can just sit and wait. Don't be shocked if he gets a little closer with this fella tonight. A usable longshot in here.
3 E L PLATINUM I thought he might improve racing on the big track and he did! Gets post relief. Will benefit from that experience and definitely has a chance with these. Also reliable! Doesn't make breaks. Hard to leave out of this.
4 LEVITATION If you think he "needed" that first start here, then we can expect some improvement. There are many bettors who like to play Scotty Z, so don't expect a huge price. It wouldn't take much more to threaten this bunch.
5 BIG CHECKMATE Still looking like a longshot to me. I haven't seen enough to make me want to bet.
6 SHORTIE JOE Always have to take an extra look when this barn ships in. They haven't had any success yet this year, so that does worry me. I suspect they think this colt might improve here. No killers in here. Chance for big wakeup call.
7 DIAMONDSTONE US Chased along in the sires stakes here earlier. Hasn't really found the right spot since. Gets a tough post here and I can't guarantee she's in top form. Demand a fair price if you fancy her chances.
8 BROADWAY BRUISER Has hinted at ability before. Now on Lasix, but I can't say I really like the last two on smaller tracks. Should race better here, back on the big track. BUT, it's another terrible post. Just can't get lucky.
9 MIKEY LIKES IT Gets a very tepid call as fave, due to his two straight solid tries. Doesn't have to chase Tactical or Lawmaker in here. Showed that he can leave. Expect Corey to give a full send. Any smooth trip and he can win.
4 Fourth Race Entries
Picks: 3-7-1-6
H Horse Comment
1 GO WEST GO FAST Both Burkes invading from Pennsy for this overnight spot. This one drew the better post and does show that nice blowout from Philly two back. That's the kind of effort needed here. But, it won't be easy.
1A ALEPPO HANOVER He really had NO shot in that start here two back. I like the way he bounced back at Philly. That's a good confidence booster, and speed tightener. Has an outer post here, but has to leave. Yannick will send him.
2 KEY ADVISOR Figured to need that first start back. I think he might "need" another. He'll be ready to roll soon, but perhaps not just yet.
3 JK PARLAY Catches a big break in the class department here. Gets to race against some three-year-olds on the drop and he's got too much speed for them. From post three, Andy has plenty of options. Might be hard to deny tonight.
4 GIRL CRAZY Hasn't been much of a serious threat of late. Getting those fourth's and fifth's. Same boat here.
5 POINTS NORTH It has clearly been a disappointing sophomore season for this guy so far. Now on Lasix. Really didn't show much in either recent conditioned start. This is different bunch, but he would need huge wakeup call.
6 UFFIZI Finds his way back to Club Med, the scene of his best career efforts. Been battling it out lately in PA. I have a feeling he's ready to deliver a huge one! But, will be it be enough to hold off #3? That IS the question, and DM chose 7.
7 DECOY I guess he didn't like the sloppy surface at Pocono, so just throw that race out. Tonight's problem is the post, but he was Dave's choice! I didn't expect that, but even I get surprised once in while. That's a few knocks too many.
5 Fifth Race Entries
Picks: 1-8-4-7
H Horse Comment
1 MOOSE MADNESS Hopefully named after our Hambo Drawmaster Marc Malusis! And watch out here, because this IS the right spot for gelding on big class drop. Mr. Krivelin is the perfect guy, and this is ideal post. Live longshot?
2 DANISH DURANGO Finally found the right bunch last time down at Philly and swept them confidently. This will be a lot tougher, in my opinion. There are a lot of other "closers" in here, so which one will be strongest late? Don't know.
3 WYGANT PRINCE Has just been going a little too slow of late, to be ready for a 55 mile. That's not enough.
4 HIGH BLUE Gets the extremely tepid call in an incredibly wide open race. Been sneaky good, even with that sick scratch showing. Finally gets post relief and figures to stalk in the right spot. Wouldn't shock me if he won.
5 BLUE SPARK Not really sure what to expect from this one. That break at Yonkers is big concern. Was up and down the class ladder before that, but seemed to tail off. Her best effort would be a threat. Will we get a top effort?
6 STARSABOVEALLERAGE Usually an all-or-nothing proposition. Don't think I've ever guessed right on him, so let's just pass and hope tonight's not the night.
7 SUPER MANNING Last time we saw him here, he circled the field like they were standing still! Yes, things set up perfectly for him that night, but it was huge confidence builder. If there's an early battle, watch for him coming late.
8 LANDONFITZ That was SOME effort here two back! Very eye-catching for Eric A, even after the slow start. Chased willingly in the follow-up at Yonkers, but I think he's better here. Dave will have to keep him close enough early.
9 FOX VALLEY STEFFEN Had he drawn a better post, I'd probably like a little more. Can't really be too positive about this spot and potential for any good trip. Maybe I'll be wrong, but demand a good price if you're going to bet.
10 ITS CHOCOLATE TIME Another that will be severely tested from this post. Blasted out at both Tioga and Vernon and didn't get the money either time. He IS good right now, but I do hate post 10. I'll only use if price is right.
6 Sixth Race Entries
Picks: 1-8-10-4
H Horse Comment
1 SHNEONUCRZYDIAMND A Was super live here last week and it took a big mile to get past him late. I would have a very tough time playing against him here, from this much better post. No beating this fella tonight!
2 BUGGER BRUISER Hasn't shown anything lately and would be a huge surprise in against these. I'll pass.
3 URBANITE HANOVER Figured to have the edge with that field last time, but did deliver a top notch performance. Brand new ballgame on the step up in class and I think it's too much. I will pass now.
4 SPORTSMANSHIP Where on earth did that mile come from? No, I don't know the answer. Mr. Sears certainly picked the horse up, but wow! Takes a double jump up the ladder and we'll see what we get tonight. Better show speed.
5 BETTORS GLASS Well, ya didn't get 26-1 on him last time, but he still delivered the goods with a nice mile! Was absolutely no threat at this level when hiked up before. I don't see a huge price coming, so maybe we swing against?
6 GO BIG SPINDER Also found these way too tough last time, so I will simply rate him a longshot, and take a pass.
7 ROCKET J Delivered a second straight quality performance last week. That's the good part! But, now he's forced up the class ladder again, and that's the bad part. Also moving back to a tougher post. Have to prefer others now.
8 ALLBLACK STRIDE N Ordinarily, this is ideal spot for him to wake back up. BUT, he rarely has any speed, and he's running into a killer in #1. I will use, but I won't key. I'll expect him to hit the ticket in some spot behind #1.
9 LIVE ON Graduated with authority last time! Given that perfect pocket trip by Super Brett. Will he get that trip again? No. In fact, he might even get away last. Makes all the difference in the world.
10 BRUCE'S MAGIC Bruce is usually good for a solid effort when he's at this level. But, he doesn't always have it from post 10. To have any chance, he's got to leave a little, and then hope for a trip. Might be difficult tonight.
7 Seventh Race Entries
Picks: 3-8-2-11
H Horse Comment
1 THE FIRST CHAPTER His stablemate made the Oaks final, so good luck to Mr. Durand on that. He didn't get lucky at the draw, but ya never know. This colt seems ambitiously spotted here. Not quite sure he's fast enough for these.
2 EUROBOND Is this fella about ready to step back up and deliver a good mile? I wish I knew! Sears basically just got him around there in those two stakes spots. He DID stay trotting. Could we see another "unveiling" here? Maybe.
3 RICH AND MISERABLE That tough post cost him dearly last week, but I was VERY impressed with the try, and the effort. Now, it's a more comfortable spot, and no Crystal Fashion's to deal with. I'm on board! Take a shot!
4 JOEY Which Joey are we going to get tonight? They were thinking Hambletonian with this guy. He wasn't bad on July 21, but he wasn't great either. The longer stretch here hurt. I don't like that he broke back at home. Very tough call.
5 FOR A DREAMER Yes, that last one was certainly a good step back in the right direction. But, I'm not completely sold on his consistency level right now. I'd probably need to see another good one first. Your call, folks.
6 FLEET ADMIRAL Shows two straight breaks against vastly weaker, so I'm going to take a pass on him here.
7 MUSCLE M UP Also stayed trotting last week, which was good. But, he pulled without enough trot to threaten. It was just his second start back, so can't be too hard on him. There is chance for significant improvement here. IF he trots.
8 CAN'T AFFORD IT His qualifier was a little better than it looks on paper, so consider that. If you're price shopping in here, maybe this is your play? Improved for new barn. Is there more in the tank tonight? Could be.
9 CHUCKY DE VIE No match last time. Simply couldn't go that fast. Moves from good post to a bad one. I would have a tough time making a strong case for success.
10 U NEED STONES Not one of my "favorites" right now, but I can see that this field is somewhat weaker than those last few he faced. I HATE post 10, especially in big and bulky field. If he beats me, he beats me. So be it.
11 HOCKEY HANOVER That was some eye-catching brush upon arrival. Unfortunately, he just got a little tired down the longer stretch here. Good tightener, though. I guarantee he won't be 49-1 tonight, and post might hurt.
12 UNFORGETABLE Appears to be in a very bad spot here in second tier. I just don't see how he gets into the race.
8 Eigth Race Entries
Picks: 4-5-6-2
H Horse Comment
1 SPRINTER N As previously stated, I'm off his bandwagon for now. Just not finishing his miles well enough and the added bump up in class makes it even tougher. Will sit the pylons and try to keep up.
2 SANTIAGO STYLE Mr. Little got beat up with this guy last week. But, it was a good pick and the effort was surely there! If not for slight pylon clearance for #9, he might have won. Good post. Can grind all day. Reasons to like.
3 SPIRIT OF TRUTH These are just too tough for him right now. Especially off the sick scratch. Pass.
4 BLOOD LINE IF the real Blood Line shows up tonight, watch out! He blitzed a field like this a few months ago. Was game all the way on June 23. The qualifier behind Lazarus was VERY good. One to catch, IF he stays pacing.
5 EXPRESS STRIDE N I got burned by this guy last week! I still cannot believe he lost that photo, but oh well! Very different post here, but it probably works to advantage. IF #4 comes up vulnerable, this will be best finisher.
6 SAMS TRIPLE CROWN Sam did a lot of the "dirty work" last week and just ran out of gas late. I wouldn't be shocked to see the Captain take the opposite approach here and take back. Sam can finish too! For a piece.
7 ACTING OUT That looks like a pretty good line at Philly. Down the road in 51. He's used to tackling a touch lesser than this, and I guess it's all about the strategy. Not nearly as effective when he takes back. This is tough post.
8 MORE DRAGON For a brief moment, I thought he was going to win last week. Couldn't quite finish it off, however. Tonight's problem is the post and I think he's way up against it. Would need to get very lucky from out here.
9 QUALITY BUD The Bud finally got me! Cost me a nice ticket last week, given a PERFECT drive from Eric. Darn! Gotta hand it to the horse, as he's been good for quite some time now. Not exactly "rewarded" with this post tonight.
9 Ninth Race Entries
Picks: 7-1-2-6
H Horse Comment
1 STORMIN RUSTLER Yes, I know that last line looks poor, but that was after missing a month. Any of his prior "good efforts: would give him huge chance in this impossible-to-handicap race. Good luck, especially if price is short.
2 FRANKIE BOY Even this guy has a chance in a race like this. I know his last two here aren't exactly eye-popping, but somebody has to win this. Gets post relief. Will sit, save ground, and try to get lucky late. Maybe.
3 SUNSHINESOMEWHERE Down from Vernon and into a seemingly much tougher spot. Not fast enough?
4 IDEAL DANNY In for the tag here, but not exactly in raging form right now. Would need a big improvement.
5 BUCKEYE IN CHARGE Got the worst of it, trip-wise when expectedly overbet last week with Corey. Wasn't his fault! Back to longshot status with Mr. Pollio back in the seat. Would need to get a little luckier.
6 CLASSIC BREEZE If, for some reason, you think he might improve here, maybe you can bet this fella? Overall record is poor, but he's faced better and does get Mr. Miller. Maybe he can wake the gelding up.
7 ROCKAHOLIC I have NO idea who the favorite in here will be. Maybe this horse? Tetrick did choose him. Has the benefit of a race over the track, and that came after month off. He needed that. Chance for a LOT more tonight.
8 EXOTIC MATTJESTY Loses the inside post help. Seems like a plodding type. I can't get excited about him.
9 KANDY APPLE Wasn't terrible last week from the rail post. But, he switches to a brutal spot here, and it seems can't get out of his own way early in the mile. I'd want a square price to even think about using him.
10 ATLAS ALLIANCE N Another with not a lot on view lately and he drew the worst post. Can you imagine a scenario where he can get home from here? I can't.
10 Tenth Race Entries
Picks: 4-5-6-8
H Horse Comment
1 DI OGGI He almost looked like a $60 winner last week! Loomed boldly, but just couldn't finish it off. Moves all the way inside tonight, so plots for a much different trip. I still have to rate him a longshot on the class bump up.
2 IRON MINE BUCKY Same boat as #1. Forced up the class ladder, but gets a much nicer starting slot. Are these too tough for Bucky? I think so, but he has shocked us before. Your call, if you think he can threaten these.
3 SHADY MCCOY Shady just doesn't seem to be as effective on the smaller tracks right now. Back to his "happy place" but maybe back in too tough? This is NO easy spot. At least he got a good post. Eric will put him in play.
4 TACO TUESDAY Has always hinted at big-time ability and maybe it's starting to show? I do see a barn change involved here, so maybe a private sale? When he trots, he's fast! But he's had issues before. Good test tonight.
5 MISSLAROSE You have to love this mare. She's remained pretty solid for the entire season here. Always versatile, and always tries hard. For that alone, I have to root for her. Expect another solid try and will probably hit the ticket.
6 ATABOY HANOVER Wasn't exactly overwhelming when last seen here, but he was in against Muscle Diamond and Pinkman. Ok, I get it! No such killers in here. Blowout win, then a brutal trip last two at Philly. In line for big effort!
7 LAUDERDALE Finds his way back UP the Turnpike and you all know how I feel about him. If he beats me, he beats me. I can live with that.
8 FRASER RIDGE Third start for new barn coming up. IF you think they used those tougher races as tune-ups, then go ahead and bet! I'm not in love with the post, but can see that he's fast enough. Tim will have to get him into it.
9 ZLATAN They found the right spot last time at Philly. This is likely NOT the right spot for him here. I'll pass.
10 GOLD MEDAL SWAN The Swan is still in good form, but he's really hurt by this post. I do like the fact that he gets some class relief, but I don't see him getting a good trip from this post. Maybe I'll be wrong. Horse is good right now.
11 Eleventh Race Entries
Picks: 3-1-7-9
H Horse Comment
1 ALWAYS A DIAMOND Yes, he's 0-19 this year, but this is a pretty big class drop. He gets the rail. And he gets Dave Miller. All that could easily add up to very good effort. I wouldn't be shocked if he won. But I probably won't bet.
2 DAYLYN HORIZON Been doing a fairly good job of getting checks lately. Same boat here. Sits in, saves ground.
3 LONE WOLF TERROR This horse has been very "live" here lately. He hasn't gotten lucky yet, but maybe that will change tonight. Finally gets a break from the post gods. Andy Mac chose #6, but I'm hopping on board here.
4 BLACK HAMMER If the Hammer was EVER going to win a race, it was last week. Maybe he moved a touch too early, but oh well! Now forced up the class ladder a notch and even that may be too tough. Owns one short move.
5 TRUE CUT Can't really make a positive case for success on this one. Just not good enough, or fast enough.
6 VOICE OF TRUTH Launched a big move last time, only to flatten out badly. Was it the class hike? Maybe. He still looks better than some in this group, but I'm not betting the ranch. Was A Mac's choice, but won't be mine.
7 RING WARRIOR Yes, he's 0-27 this year, so you know what I'm going to say. Horse has rounded into form a bit, but I will consider for underneath spot, not on top.
8 GOOD DAY MATE Joe put him into the race last week, but horse just wasn't good enough. Tough post again. Will have to find more to get any closer, and not sure that's coming.
9 HOPE FOR BADLANDS Came flying home to grab the place, behind that uncatchable winner last week. It was nice effort. He's a bit inconsistent, however. This post is a killer now. Demand value if you fancy.
10 OUTCRY Another that clearly could be killed by the post alone. I think we've seen him leave a little before, but I'm not sure. If he gets away last tonight, that's overwhelming, uphill climb. Your call?
12 Twelfth Race Entries
Picks: 8-1-10-5
H Horse Comment
1 MAGNUM MIKE IF you think the 10YO "needed" those first few off the layoff, then maybe you can take a shot here. He has faced better in the past and does get Dave Miller from the rail. Can you say wakeup call? Live longshot?
2 BOBJACKS ANGLE A Did a good job to pass a few last time and hit the ticket. That's usually about the best he can do. The inside post guarantees the rail ride and if he shakes loose, he'll have some pace. That's a big IF.
3 VICTORY AT LAST That was best try in a long time last week. A Mac is going to look at this bunch and think the same thing. Send! Get a trip. Try to keep up. He just might do it. Would be hard to leave off the ticket.
4 BLUE STRIKE That last one does look like a bit of improvement, but I'm not sold just yet. Still a longshot to me.
5 JUSTA CAMILION As expected, the post killed last time. This is much better spot, and horse IS quietly good right now. I also want to use him on the ticket, and hoping for a square price. Only needs a smoother journey.
6 SWORD OF THE SPIRIT Didn't show much here last time. Can't expect a monster turnaround just yet. Pass.
7 CROMBIE A I have now given up trying to guess on this fella. His win was huge. His break was a mystery. IF you decide to bet, and take short price, I guess I'll just wish you luck.
8 JUST TOYIN WITH YA Yes, we can all see the trainer change here. I don't really think we can even look at previous racelines on this one. He's either going to blow this field away, or be no good. I'm opting for the former. Hop on!
9 DANISH DILIGENCE Squandered his "opportunity" from the inside post. Left, and tired from this post before that. What's he going to do tonight? We all have to guess. Usually owns a kick, if you only use him once.
10 OUTSIDER Might be the "key" to the race! Why? Because I don't think they're going to take him back for the third straight time. Horse is probably good enough to get there for a piece, but he will have to leave a little.