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2016-10-28Breeders Crown
2016-10-29Breeders Crown Night 2
2016-10-29Breeders Crown Fall Halloween Fest
2016-11-04Swipe and Score
2016-11-04Breeders' Cup Simulcast Day 1
2016-11-05Breeders' Cup Simulcast Day 2
2016-11-05$5 Voucher Night - Via Email
2016-11-12TVG FFA Championships
2016-11-18Driver Face Off
2016-11-192016 Calendar Giveaway
2016-11-25Black Friday Gift Card Sweepstakes
2016-11-26Holiday Gift Card Sweepstakes
2016-12-0260 Second Wagering Spree
2016-12-03Text To Win Night - Get a $5 voucher
2016-12-09Money Machine Fever